Because of the buildup of stress and pressure I’d been feeling, I decided to read the book Packing Light by Allison Fallon. I had picked up a copy and had taken a moment to sit with it on our deck, a cup of coffee nearby. As I read, I was struck by these ten words: “Where your passion meets their need, that is your calling.”

Where You Live Is What You See

So the real question is what domain you wish to live in? To me, the ideal life is lived on all levels of consciousness. Your attention is not bounded or narrow; you open yourself to the whole of awareness.

You have an opportunity to lead such a life, but by focusing on one or two levels, you’ve caused the others to atrophy. They have been squeezed out of your awareness, and thus your ability to transcend is much diminished.

On the most mundane level it’s often a matter of finding the time. I rarely meet people who have given consciousness a second thought—they are too wrapped up in doing work. Like the rest of us, their plates are full, and if the world could have a profoundly different basis from what they learned, we may just all wake up from this long dream.


Life is Short - DUH!

I’m using this moment, this now, as an opportunity to strip back my life and completely overhaul everything I own.

As I’ve been going through the process of simplifying and ridding everything I own, right down to the bare essentials, it got me thinking about how easy it is to find your truth living in amongst clutter that we blindingly assume as our state of normal

My intention is to strip back the layers, edit and simplify every area my life.

Have you been feeling a similar nudge? Now is the perfect time to reflect on what is no longer serving you and create space for opportunities, ideas, and Stillness. I have 5 simple ways you can de-clutter your life, starting today.

  • UNPLUG: Given our constant state of connectedness and a social media economy that’s always on and never sleeps, it’s enough to leave you feeling stressed out. I’ve been forced to create my own personal boundaries for how I interact online.


  • SET BOUNDARIES: We teach people how we want to be treated and there comes a time when its necessary for your own sanity and out of respect for yourself, that you need to create firm boundaries of what you will and won’t accept. You become the average of the five people around you. Make them count.


  • DE-CLUTTER YOUR DIGITAL SPACE: Just as your physical and mental space gathers up dust and drama, so too does your digital space. Clean up your desktop. Organize your documents into a folder system where you categorize based on your requirements - separate into Life/Personal and Business etc so you have two distinctly different folder structures for each. Rinse + repeat for your mobile phone, iPad or tablet. Delete the apps you no longer use and minimize how many screens you need to use.


  • LET GO OF YOUR PAST: You are not what happened to you: you are who you choose to be. Free yourself from the burden your past is weighing on you and let go of the stories and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Forgive, love and move into the now. Give yourself permission to create a new story aligned with the vision of your future.


  • DETOX YOUR MIND: Here’s the truth: most of the things you are worrying about will probably never happen. Focus only on what you can control - anything you can’t change, let go and free yourself - it is only holding you back and stopping you from enjoying the present.

Remember: a consistent practice of meditation transforms your world.

10,000 Years Of Stuff

Priorities consistently tell us that we should follow the norm. The false ideas that are propagated in the modern world is that an important and successful person has a lot of "stuff."

The idea that material success is the measure of greatness goes back over 10,000 years. We've not evolved from the mindset of power behind the aquistion of things.

Unfortuantly we judge ourselves by this same criteria. The result is we run around in a frenzy, dressed in designer label clothes, trying to give the appearance that we are busy working and being succesful and earning a lot of money—after all, these are the signs of success! 

The cost of such a lifestyle is the loss of the necessary consistency of just living a simple life. The cost of this type of success is often the loss or failure to find one’s voice, passion or why. Our truest and deepest desires, talents, dreams, needs, and the necessary pursuit of these life driving flow comes to a hault. Sadly, with our focus fixed so firmly on these other, less important, almost inconsequential things, many of us are completely unaware of what we have lost or are missing. 

Maybe we can dedicate ourselves to our spiritual and emotional development as a human being having an expereince of truth and love. There is nothing more important in life then to know you are special. I know it, you know it, but we let stuff get in the way. 

I've come to uncover that life is about being and becoming. It's about the experince in the simple. It's about sharing your story with those seeking inspiration. We must remind ourselves continually that there is nothing more important than our expereince as human beings with spiritual awarenss to make a difference. 

Meditation Matters

For adults, meditation can provide a new angle for viewing the complexities of making a living and being part of a growing family. And for older folks, meditation can at the very least be a useful tool for dealing with long-term, well-entrenched habits that may have evolved into difficult problems. There is no guarantee that the comforts of retirement—free time and a pleasant environment—will give us the happiness and peace of mind we yearn for.

Meditation can provide the relaxation and insight we need to understand our mental and emotional situations. When we look inward, if the mind can relax, even for an active young person, this makes life very different. Things can be done more wisely, more positively.

We Are Power

Human beings have powerful minds—tremendous intellectual ability—but, at the same time, this can bring many complications. That’s because often we don’t recognize or appreciate the good and positive aspects of our lives. We have within each of us loving-kindness and compassion—an open, genuine heart that embraces self and others.

If our powers included knowledge of our minds and skill in using that knowledge, this would make our lives quite different. Meditation helps us to recognize and activate those positive qualities, and through meditation eventually these become part of daily life. Once we understand that these good qualities are always with us, we begin to rejoice in our life—we appreciate it more—which encourages us to be even more positive.

So our mind can become more wise and aware through meditation. We become connected with the joy and contentment we are longing for. This is what it means to be in a state of contentment in a material world.



Part concept, part traditional monograph, Cameron Martin's "Analogue," published by Ghava{Press}, is an engaging study of man's relationship with nature and his shifting notions of the sublime.

Direct link to Amazon.


At its heart, the book is a compelling amalgamation of grand landscape imagery that includes appropriated advertisements, travel snapshots, found images and studio photos, juxtaposed with Martin's own haunting paintings of barren landscapes. Ken Johnson called Martin's paintings "contemporary icons that stand for deep-running collective urges, like the fantasy of an intimate connection with nature."

This artist's book/monograph positions appropriated advertisements, snapshots, found images and studio pictures alongside reproductions of paintings and drawings, providing a view of the artist's thinking about representation of the contemporary landscape.

Introducing: Oak - My Favorite App


Community-driven guided meditation app - Kevin rose

Our foundation is built on basic guided mindfulness training and does not focus on prescriptive meditation (e.g., for anxiety, stress, sleep, etc.). Oak teaches proven traditional meditation techniques that have been practiced for centuries.

Our guided meditation was the result of a lot of input from our beta testers. We started with an initial recording in a beta build of the app and gathered in-app feedback from beta testers as they completed their sessions (or ended them early). Reviewing this feedback individually and in aggregate (looking for larger themes) led to adjustments in pace, tone, and verbiage. We made hundreds of refinements to the final guided sessions before launch.

Time Is Not Renewable

Our most precious comity  is time. How often do you observe time? If my mother lives to be 90 and I see her once a year that would mean I have about 14 more visits with her. When you look at the number 14 it doesn’t seem like much, almost as if it's coming to end sooner then I want it too. 

Priorities matter. Your remaining face time with any person depends largely on where that person falls on your list of life priorities. Make sure this list of people you want to see is set by you and not by unconscious inertia.

Quality time matters. If your in your last 10% of time with someone you love, keep that fact in the front of your mind when you’re with them and treat that time as what it actually is: precious

Minimal Mindset

For me minimalism is more of a philosophy on life than just a lifestyle choice of things. It is a way of thinking that questions the way most of us are raised. It’s about experiences and not about the accumulation of stuff. Life is a minimalist gift that keeps on giving. It’s being okay with living with less and knowing that there will always be more.

Minimalism is a discipline. A Simple life doesn’t come naturally to most people. But if you remove the friction, clarity becomes possible.